Order Digital Frame

Step One

Now you can enjoy a vast array of historic streetcar images on your own digital frame. Simply purchase the frame from Meural Inc.

and select the streetcar card images from the galleries below that you would like to display on your frame. All of these images are basically 21" x11" landscape mode and are ideal for the superb Meural digital display as they produce vivid images that you can rotate and cycle and display on a daily time schedule. In addition, this digital display can be controlled by hand gestures (no touchscreen fingerprints here) or by your laptop or desktop pc or your smartphone app. A wireless network is required.

The basic digital frame is available in either black or white ($595 retail or $545 with promo) or get the deluxe wood frame model for $695 retail or $645 with promo). Your Promo Code is WSAVAGE - Click Here to order your digital frame from Meural Inc.

P.S. Obviously, the digital frame can be used to display the many fine artworks which are provided for free by Meural Inc as well. I have yet to find a comparable product on the market that comes close to the vivid display of their artwork and these streetcar cards.

Step Two

Once you have purchased the digital frame from Meural Inc in Step One above, you can now select the digital images you desire for your digital frame from these 21 galleries shown below...more images are being added all of the time. ALL of these digital images are made from ORIGINAL period streetcar advertising cards from the early 1900's through 1940's. In many cases, these original cards have had their images restored to their original condition so that you can fully enjoy their colorful graphics and "turn-of-the-century" messages. All of these images have been optimized to fit the Meural digital frame's 1920 x 1080 format.

Each card is $5 (a one-time fee); your 1920x1080 digital image can be used on multiple digital frames if you elect to purchase more than one frame for yourself, your organization or your company. Buyers/Sellers/Collectors of these streetcar/trolley cards and owners of these products and brands featured in these cards can enjoy some additional benefits as explained below.

Please review the images in the Category Gallery Listings below and jot down which ones you wish to acquire. When you have your list complete ... select the number of images you wish to purchase from the dropdown box and then click on the BUY NOW button. This site accepts most credit cards as well as Paypal. Note: If you are buying MORE than ten images at one time, please make MULTIPLE purchases.

Email me at savageman3tn@gmail.com with your list of digital images that you have just purchased so I can send them to you. Simply identify the gallery/collection and a unique part of the card name(s) that you wish to receive. They will be sent to YOU promptly by email. Each digital item is about 500K in size so let me know if your email system has any severe attachment restrictions.

Note: When you receive your digital frame directly from Meural, Inc. you will receive separate instructions on how to initialize your digital frame to your wireless network and how to upload your streetcar digital images via MY STUDIO menu at Meural.com.

Click on each listing below to view the current images available in each gallery:

Streetcar Categories

Major National Brand Categories

Bonus Benefits

This is a NON-PROFIT endeavor. Our goal is to build a digital library of streetcar advertising cards so that future generations can enjoy this unique historic artform. We encourage buyers and sellers of these cards on Ebay and other sales portals to send us HIGH RES images of suitable (restorable) streetcar cards; in turn, we will send you back a high res image of the restored card along with an image suitable for the Meural Digital Frame.

Companies who own/sell any of these products and brands featured on these cards would do well to acquire these cards and digital frames for their customers, suppliers, distributors and employees. Knowing where your products and brands originated from and how they gained their popularity that has lasted down through the years is a valuable commodity that you should share within your industry. Also, if you happen to have any streetcar cards in your company archives, we would appreciate receiving a HIGH RES image of them so we can add them to our growing collection. Likewise, we will gladly offer you FREE digital images in exchange for any that you can supply to us.

Truly, there is NO BETTER WAY to display a large collection of streetcar advertising cards than via this digital frame platform!

Special Thanks

Western Railway Museum in Rio Vista, CA; Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven, CT; Seymour Stein; Allan Fisher; Grant Ute; Duane Farrar; Conrad Misek; Linda Thomas and others who have helped to establish this digital archive so that we can share a little bit of our advertising history.

Woody Savage