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View my new digital library of Streetcar Advertising Card images (1,300+ images):   Click Here

Note:  If you click on upper left corner icon, you can view several lists to choose from including CATEGORY (What), Brand (Where), Company (Who), Date (When).   Items are usually displayed in Category, Brand, Item, Date sequence.  You can click on a given streetcar card to see detail info.  Also, you can click on Magnifying Glass icon to search for a particular company, brand, category, etc.

Watch 3.5 minute Video with soundtrack showing some of Barron G. Collier's advertising tips and advice to riders of the streetcars in the 1920's!  

For more information on the life of Barron G. Collier, you can view this 28 minute video clip Untold Stories:  Barron Gift Collier which aired October 26, 2006 by WGCU, a PBS station … http://video.wgcu.org/video/1599159392/ 

Click on the link below to view Barron Collier’s 1925 book (145 pages) on Stopping Street Accidents which featured his NYC safety campaign which was attributed to saving numerous lives … http://archive.org/stream/stoppingstreetac00collrich   

Click on the link below to view more info about Barron Collier and his family on the Historic Memphis web site ...            http://historic-memphis.com/biographies/barron-collier/barron-collier.html

Click on the link below to view a one minute 1902 video clip of the NYC Flatiron Building where Barron G. Collier had his Street Railways Advertising Company headquarters … http://memory.loc.gov/mbrs/lcmp002/m2b03516.mpg

Click on this link to view a 1905 Streetcar Map showing the various streetcar/trolley systems in every major city and state in America:  1905 Streetcar Map

Click on the link below to view a 12 minute video showing a cable car ride down Market Street in San Francisco in 1906 – only days before the devastating earthquake that virtually destroyed much of downtown San Francisco… http://youtu.be/8Q5Nur642BU    

Click on this link to view a listing of streetcar/trolley museums in your area:  U.S.A. Streetcar Museums 

Click on this link to view the 1928 Silent Movie with Harold Lloyd (running time is 1 hr and 26+ minutes.  Story is about the last "horse-drawn" streetcar in NYC and prominently features Barron Collier's Luna Park at Coney Island as well as Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium.  Well-worth your time...an excellent restoration.  Click Here to View on YOUTUBE.  

Woody Savage,
Apr 11, 2016, 3:30 PM